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100% Pure Neem Cold Pressed Oil (Limda) Herbal
(Ayurveda Ritual) Moisturising & Mattifying for normal to oily skin
Charcoal Toothpaste
Superwhite Toothpaste
Ayurvedic Soap
Advanced White Charcoal Toothpaste
3 Pack Toothbrush (Medium)
Toothbrush ZigZag (Medium)
Amla Hair Oil
Clove Toothpaste (V)
Herbal Neem Toothpaste
Herbal Toothpaste with Aloe Vera
Neem Toothpaste (V)
100% Pure Neem Oil Soap
Neem & Turmeric Soap
Amla Hair Oil
Ayurvedic wisdom meets modern skincare. With turmeric and nalpamaradi tailam, our soap promotes clear, healthy skin naturally.
Experience soft, glowing skin with Lux Soap, your ultimate daily cleanser.
Experience soft, glowing skin with Lux Soap, your ultimate daily cleanser.
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