Wings Brand Prawn Crackers (White Slice)

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Prawn Crackers (White Slice)

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Weight 227g
origin China

Easy to fry your own prawn crackers at home in seconds.

  • Deep-fry in cooking oil in a deep saucepan. Heat oil 210°C  or until oil is smoking. Test with one Prawn cracker first, put cracker into the oil and within 5 seconds it should expand and float to the surface. If not, heat oil further and test with another cracker. When the correct temperature is reached put 5-10 prawn crackers in oil at 1 time. Drain excess oil and serve while still hot.

Microwave instructions:

  • For oil-free crackers cook 3, or 4 on high for20 seconds, if crackers overcook. adjust the cooking time. Allow cooling before serving
  • Keep in a dry place
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