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Everyday Cling Film

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origin United Kingdom
length 290MM X 250MM

Caterers Kitchen Everyday Cling Film

How to use

To make sure of an air-tight seal, stretch the film over the edge of the container and press it on firmly. Make sure the container edge is clean and grease-free

In a Refrigerator- Cover strong-smelling foods to prevent contamination of other foods.

On Display- Cover food before displaying and serving. This keeps it moist.

In Microwave- Avoid contact with food. Use cling film to stop food from splashing on the inside of the microwave. Always pierce to avoid the "balloon" effect which can be caused by the build-up of steam. Watch out for steam when taking the film off after cooking.

This film is excellent for covering and wrapping all fresh and fatty foods ( except pure fats such as lard, oils, and foodstuffs in an oily medium.

Keep well away from children, babies, and pets. Cling film can suffocate them.

  • This product conforms to EU regulations for food use.
  • Do not use in conventional ovens
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