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Sindhi Biryani Mix

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origin Pakistan
Weight 130g

Masaledar Sindhi Biryani Masala recipe (Sindhi style Spice Rice with Meat).Easy steps recipe and seasoning mix

  • Fry onions till becomes golden. Add meat, potatoes and stir-fry for 8-10 minutes. Now put Sindhi Biryani Masala (one bag), green chillies, yoghurt and fry for 5-7 minutes
  • Add 1-2 glasses of water, cover the lid and cook in low flame till the meat is tender. When the meat is cooked/tender there should be at least 2 cups of gravy, if not then add water
  • Now transfer the meat masala to a larger utensil and spread sliced tomatoes, green coriander & mint leaves. Cover & cook on low flame for 8-10 minutes (do not mix)
  • Separately boil rice in 12 glasses of hot water with 3-4 tablespoons of salt till half tender. Drain thoroughly, spread the rice on meat masala (do not mix the rice & the meat). Cover &  cook on low flame until rice is tender. Garnish with fried onions & mix well before serving
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