Laziza Tikka Botti



Tikka Botti

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origin Pakistan
Weight 100g

Tikka Botti. Recipe & Seasoning Mix (Serves 14-16)

(BBQ Meat Cube kebabs)

  • Put several deep cuts in chicken whereas in case of other meat pierce with fork or knife
  • Mix together Laziza Tikka Botti Masala(one bag), yogurt, vinegar, or lemon juice and apply thoroughly on meat/chicken pieces and leave for 1½ hours to 3 hours ( in case of hard meat add grinded raw papaya also).
  • Then arrange the piece of meat/chicken on spikes/rods and roast them in an oven or on coal-fire. Keep the fire low and rotate the spikes/rods. Pour little oil/ghee/butter.
  • When the meat/chicken pieces are fully roasted take them off and enjoy with chutney and salad.

Store in a cool dry place

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