Mixed spices for use with a variety of curries and other Asian dishes

Madras Sambar Powder
Yoghurt Broth diluted with Vegetables
Spice blend for salads and savory
Spice blend for Chickpeas
Chicken 65 Masala
Spice Blend to Prepare Chicken Curry
Chicken Manchurian Masala
Chilli Chicken Masala
Spice Blend for Crispy Fried Chicken
Egg Curry Masala
Fish Curry Masala
Fish Fry Masala
Gobi Manchurian Mix
Idly Chilli Powder
Kadai Chicken Masala
Carefully selected spice mix to prepare Indian Curries
Spice Blend to prepare Lemon Rice
Masala blended with herbs and spices to cook meat
Mutton Curry Masala
Mutton Masala
Munchy Pani Puris
Pepper Chicken Masala
Spice Blend to Prepare Rasam
Sambar Powder
Masala mix with herbs and spices for Tandoori dish
Masala mix for Vegetables Gravy
Chana Dal Masala. Spice blend for washed gram lentils.
Sambhar Masala
Rasam Powder
Chicken Masala
Extra Hot Chilli Powder
Fish Masala
Hot Madras Curry Powder
Madras Curry Powder (Mild)
Tandoori Masala (Natural)
Tandoori Masala Barbecue Spice Blend
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